Having navigated the world of fashion for most of my life, I am definitely familiar with the daily struggles women have while choosing their outfits. I realized the crucial need to establish an essentials line.This initiative aims to infuse the act of getting dressed with more joy, practicality, and ease, making it an easy experience.
The Parentezi World serves as a road map and building blocks of the perfect elegant wardrobe, offering looks that are travel and business trip-friendly, seamlessly pairing with trendier fashion pieces, and mostly creating an individual and practical wardrobe without ever sacrificing elegance and chicness.
Throughout my journey of evolving style, certain timeless essentials have remained constant in my personal uniform: the perfect black pant in various styles - cigarette or pleated for a more relaxed look, classic and novelty white poplin shirts, which are seasonless and always a must, the indispensable blazer or blazer dress to modernize your eveningwear choices, and my cashmere knits that transcend seasons as layering staples that go with me everywhere.



Cheryl Herger

Founder / Creative Director